Energy Solutions

BMC prides itself on our commitment to sustainable construction practices. We acknowledge that engineered mechanical and plumbing systems in green building design are not only good for reducing our industry’s carbon footprint but also promote cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions that reduce utility costs.

Our sustainable construction practices are friendly to the environment and provide long-term benefits for not only building owners but also their tenants. Our commitment to sustainable construction practices comes both as a mechanical service provider and as a corporate organization committed to social responsibility. BMC employs LEED® accredited professionals and has worked on a number of projects that have achieved or are seeking to achieve LEED® certification.

Heating and cooling mechanical systems are the largest single consumers of energy in buildings. A large chiller is more efficient than a small one, as is a large pump, a large cooling tower, and a large boiler. When a single centralized system replaces several small distributed systems, overall system efficiency is improved. BMC looks to value engineer opportunities for energy efficiency through our work with the following HVAC and plumbing systems:


  • Central plant
  • Radiant systems
  • Dual systems
  • Chillers & boilers


  • Reclaimed water systems
  • Storm water
  • Water saving fixtures
  • Waste treatment
  • Recycled materials

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