Our commitment to safety starts with our Ownership’s belief that safety is an inherent part of delivering quality service to our customers.  We believe that maintaining an exceptional safety record takes precedence over production, schedule, and even cost. Having an exceptional safety record is beneficial, as it reduces composite labor rates, prevents unnecessary schedule interruptions, and increases the confidence of our project partners.


Commitment to Safety

Broadway’s safety motto, “Be More Careful,” applies to both our corporate commitment to safety and the expectation from every BMC employee.  It reflects our core value of continuous safety improvement and our striving to create a work environment that is not only injury-free but also free of unsafe conditions and actions.


Broadway is a family-owned enterprise. Our owners are personally responsible for the impact the company has on its employees, its business partners, and the general public.  Nothing is more important to us than preventing injuries to anybody.  In addition, we believe that safe operations are inherently productive and profitable operations.  There is no conflict between the value we put on safety and our value for efficient and profitable performance.  With proper planning, continuous improvement in safety supports continuous improvement in quality and production.


Safety Best Practices

Broadway’s safety program and procedures are evaluated against the requirements of OSHA, Cal-OSHA, our clients’ expectations and the construction industry’s best practices.  We adopt practices that ensure compliance, especially those that support our foremen, the front line for safety, by making safety simple.


Our Safety Program includes an Injury and Illness Prevention Program designed specifically for the Company and adapted for project specific requirements.  Policies that are tailored to assist BMC Foremen include:


New Hire Orientation with a script, DVD and pocket safety manual for each employee


Pre-Task Planning Procedure with a checklist for efficient planning and communication


Pre-Job Hazard Assessment managed by dedicated safety staff to produce site-specific programs for the foreman’s use


A safety committee made up of key foremen, trade superintendents, ownership, company management safety consultants and safety staff. The primary goals of the committee are to stimulate communication among all BMC personnel and to increase our supervisors’ knowledge about safety and risk management.


Accident Investigation procedure that includes root cause analysis of any recordable injury and review and analysis of all injuries and near misses


Our safety program also includes a code of safe practices for general operations and specific activities. These codes are provided as tools to help employees do their job safely, not simply as requirements for compliance.  New project specific codes are added as needed.  Among the more than 20 specific codes available to guide foremen are:


› Emergencies and Medical Treatment

› Trenching and Excavation

› Fall Prevention

› Confined Space

› Hazardous Materials Awareness and Transportation

› Hazardous Materials Communication Program

› Over/On Water Operations