South San Francisco Ferry Terminal

The South San Francisco Ferry Terminal is new 4,000 sq ft terminal with a 92-ft-long by 12-ft-wide floating gangway and a 130-ft-long by 40-ft-wide dock constructed to serve the Water Emergency Transportation Authority’s new ferry service between the East Bay and South San Francisco.  The new ferry service between Oyster Point and the East Bay will provide an alternative transit option for people commuting from the East Bay to jobs in South San Francisco’s biotech campuses.  The ferries will run between Oyster Point Marina and Jack London Square, with a stop at Alameda.  BMC provided the installation of doubled-walled fuel oil supply and return piping that runs from the fuel storage tanks along the perimeter of the gangway and canopy structure to the fueling stations on the dock.  BMC also provided the installation of the Sanitary Waste and Vent system.

  • Architect

    ROMA Design & FMG Architects

  • Completion


  • Contractor

    Nibbi Brothers

  • Location

    Oyster Point, South San Francisco, CA

  • Owner

    SF Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority

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