Mills Peninsula Hospital

The Mills-Peninsula Medical Center is a 450,000 sq ft, OSHPD, general acute care hospital, which serves as the newest and most modern hospital located on the San Francisco Peninsula. The six-story hospital, which includes a 180,000-square-foot office building and 800-vehicle parking structure, includes 311 beds and 10 operating rooms and replaces an out-dated, 1950s facility. The BIM modeling process for the Mills-Peninsula hospital was the first to merge the plans of the designers and every contracting profession to generate a 3D image of the entire project. As a result, BMC was the first contractor to use 3D BIM modeling for plumbing in Northern California. BMC provided complete installations of the Med-Gas, Sanitary Waste and Vent, Storm, Domestic Cold Water, High Pressure Cold Water, Hot Water Supply and Return, Condensate, and Booster Pump plumbing systems. In addition to the standard plumbing systems, BMC also provided complete installation of a fuel oil system, high recovery waste sanitary holding tank and domestic water farm to ease the hospital in the event of an earthquake, which would allow the hospital to run on power, run water and collect its own waste self-sufficiently for 72 hours. For our work on this project we were awarded as Subcontractor of the Year by Turner Construction.

  • Architect

    Anshen + Allen

  • Completion


  • Contractor

    Turner Construction

  • Location

    Burlingame, CA

  • Owner

    Mills Peninsula Health Services

  • Awards

    Subcontractor of the Year, Turner Construction

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