Bay Street Building E

Bay Street Building E is a 270,000 sq ft, 284 unit apartment complex built on top of an existing 3-story structure.  The project is part of the greater Bay Street urban village development consisting of a retail, entertainment, hospitality and residential complex spanning three city blocks in Downtown Emeryville.  At the time of construction, the 3-story structure underneath Building E was vacant, giving BMC unique opportunity to prefab the plumbing systems from underneath the complex.  BMC provided complete installations of the Sanitary Waste and Vent, Storm, and Domestic Cold Water plumbing systems for Building E.

  • Architect

    SB Architects

  • Completion


  • Contractor

    Devcon Construction

  • Location

    5616 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA

  • Owner

    Bay Street Housing Partners, LP c/o MacFarlane Partners

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