NEMA SF – 10th & Market

10th & Market Residences is a new residential/mixed use rental complex located in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco. The new housing complex creates one of the densest developments in the city with 754 units located in four towers of 10, 15, 24, and 37 stories. The towers are unified at the base with a podium that houses two residential lobbies, common areas, and retail that fronts both Market and 10th streets. BMC provided the complete installation of the building’s HVAC system in which radiant heat throughout each unit is fed with vertical hydronic water drawn from rooftop boilers and distributed throughout via booster pumps. The building also includes a centralized conditioned air system at all the common floor space areas. This project was awarded LEED-NC Certification.

  • Architect

    Handel Architects

  • Completion


  • Contractor

    Swinerton Builders

  • Location

    1401 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

  • Owner

    Crescent Heights

  • Awards

    Market-rate Residential Deal of the Year - San Francisco Business Times,

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