Fred Nurisso


Fred Nurisso is the CEO of Broadway Mechanical-Contractors, Inc.  In 2003, Fred joined BMC to work with his father, Robert.  Fred has overseen the day-to-day operations of BMC and has focused on learning the art of estimating complex plumbing systems from Robert. Under Fred’s leadership, BMC has significantly increased its manpower and annual revenue and expanded the diversity and complexity of its projects.

Fred was born and raised in the Bay Area, having grown up in Redwood City. He is the eldest of four children and represents the fourth generation of Nurissos in the plumbing industry. He graduated from Santa Clara University in 1988, earning a Bachelor of Science in Finance.  Prior to joining BMC, Fred founded a landscape company in Redwood City called GreenAgain Landscaping and Concrete, specializing in high-end residential landscape installation. Fred was the sole owner of the company, responsible for all facets of estimating, marketing, finance, and project management. By 2002, the company had grown to 80 employees with millions of dollars in annual revenue.

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