Employee Labor Law Posters

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Davis-Bacon Act for Laborers and Mechanics v4-2009


FED Employee Rights Under the NLRA v.9-2011


FED Equal Employment is THE LAW v.11-2009


FED Family and Medical Leave Act v.4-2016


FED Minimum Wage v.7-2016


FED Polygraph Protection v.7-2016


FED Your Rights Under USERRA v.4-2017


FFCRA Poster WH1422 Non-Federal COVID Employee Rights v.3-2020


OSHA 3165 v.4-2019




2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave


Access to Medical and Exposure Records V.1-2015 BMC Update 2-2021


CA CalOSHA Emergency Contact Info v.3-1990


CA DFEH Family Care and Medical Leave fact sheet DFEH-E03P v.1-2021


CA DFEH Rights Obligations Pregnant Disability Leave fact sheet DFEH-E02P v.1-2021


CA DFEH Family Care CFRA Pregnancy Leave DFEH-100-21 V.1-2021


CA DFEH Rights Obligations Pregnant Emp DFEH-E09P v.1-2021


CA DFEH Transgender Rights Workplace DFEH-E04P v.12-2019


CA DFEH Workplace Discrimination DFEH-E07P v.1-2021


CA Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014 Paid Sick Day V.11-2014


CA Injury Caused by Work MNP DWC 7 v.1-2016 BMC update 2021


CA Minimum wage V.1-2021


CA Payday Notice v.6-2003


CA Time Off to Vote 1994


CA Unemployment & Disability Insurance & PFL DE-1857A v.12-2020


CA Whistleblowers Notice v.6-2014


CalOSHA Safety and Health Protection v.10-2020


Forklift & Industrial Trucks CalOSHA v.11-2018


Wage Order No. 4-2001 v.1-2021


Wage Order No. 16-2001 v.1-2021


City & Other

CA City of Berkeley Minimum Wage


City of Palo Alto Minimum Wage Rights 2021


Oakland Required Posting 1-1-2021


Oakland Emergency Paid Sick Leave Ordinance 2021


SF Consideration of Salary History CSH


SF Fair Chance Ordinance FCO


SF Family Friendly Workplace FFWO


SF Health Care Security HCSO 2021


SF Minimum Wage 7-1-2020


SF Paid Parental Leave Ordinance PPLO


SF Paid Sick Leave


SFO Int. Airport – MCO 7-1-2020


SFO or Port – HCAO FY20-21


San Jose Minimum Wage 2021


San Jose Minimum Wage Ordinance 2021


San Jose Opportunity to Work Official Notice v.7-2018


San Mateo Minimum Wage 2021


South SF Minimum Wage 2021